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enjoy artwork of mine.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) alright guys. out with it. what was your 12 year old phase? 

12 deviants said i think most of us were weeaboos at one point
7 deviants said i dont think i really went through phases
6 deviants said god i dont want to remember
6 deviants said ............
5 deviants said cAN YOU NoT
5 deviants said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) no
4 deviants said I WAS ALL OF THEM
3 deviants said as far as i know im still going through phases
1 deviant said ???


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Getting Art trades and CMSNs sorted through still! 
Thanks for your patience~~

This gets pretty opinionated and weird so just fair warning to you guys 

tagged by :iconjohnkatx3: 

Here are the rules:
1.) You have to post ALL the Rules.

2.) Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3.) Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

5.) You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
6.) You CAN’T say you don’t do tags.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) watch me 

9.) You have to finish within a week. If you don’t finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you.
you're not the boss of me 

10.) Be creative with the title. no titles like: “I got tagged”

13 facts about me: 
1) I have a bad habit of chewing my fingers 
2) I cut my hair recently; used to be as long as my waist and now its just down to my shoulders. I think I kinda like it short. 
3) I was obsessed with Sonic stuff for 7 years. I'm talking religiously here; when I was convinced Sonic wasn't real then that made me question all religion and since then I have been an atheist. What a way to discover your own philosophy can you believe this its phenomenal. 
4) I've always wanted to try and play the violin but never have because I know I'm too lazy for it. As much as I would love a music talent I'm frankly extremely amateur when it comes to music. 
5) I put a frog in my pocket once. It peed. 
6) I hate realism art. At least when I do it. A lot of people think my realism or non cartoon art could make it into museums; they're highly critical of me 'wasting my time' on cartoons and stuff which probably makes me hate realism even more out of spite. Its just too depressing 
7)  I don't want to go to college. You have no idea how much crap I get for that. :/ Its hard to find anyone who actually supports my decision... and even when I complain about how broken the system is, nobody believes me.. my opinions are usually brushed off when it comes to this stuff.  
8) I've given better advice to all my friends than any counselor or therapist in their life; I've wanted to maybe become a therapist but I don't want to go through all the paperwork and required degrees. I've never had a single therapist / counselor out there that has actually helped me, if anything they've actually made things worse for me. 
9) I actually find shooter / war games extremely boring. 
10) I have pretty good vision; 20/20. Near-sighted so I need glasses. They're currently a pretty green color <3 
11) I really want to create my own tv show / video game / comic book / movie someday. I will accomplish at least one of these someday. 
12) I actually love isolated country sides; very beautiful and calming. The air is usually really fresh smelling there too. 
13) I really don't check my messages often. I can disappear for weeks on end being busy with stuff and completely forget about the hundreds of messages in my inbox whoops! apologies, people!

The answers to the questions asked to me: 

1) Pizza or Hot Dogs?
low cheese pizza. with maybe pineapple and olives 
thick stringy pizza is sinful and a diSGRACE TO PLANET EART H 
2) Have you ever broken a bone?
YES. MY ARMS. MULTIPLE TIMES. I think I broke both arms once or twice, and sprained them both multiple times. I haven't broken a bone in over 10 years surprisingly enough. 
3) What is your favorite fanfiction(If you don't have one put your favorite book)
Oh gosh hm.... off the top of my head currently it would have to be "A Home for Fear" (ROTG) Basically Pitch becomes allies with Jack and the guardians, establishing a nice friendship over time, lots of silly and creative stories I love it, its wonderful. 
4) Do you like Steven Universe(Beleive in steven :3)?
5) What do you do on deviantart? art pretty much 
6) Oreos cookie or cream?
..its not an oreo without both. I prefer the cream, but without the cookie.... its just... its a split up Garnet do you understand what im saying 
7) Do you play an instrument?
flute I guess. A little piano. Attempted guitar. I can't read note sheets though. I tried but I can't decipher it easily. 
8) What is your hobby?
sketching. Sketching is my most favorite thing to do. 
9) Do u liek Mudkipz?
I guess he's cute. I prefer Ralts or Gardevoir~ <3 
10) What do you think of school(or what did you think of school), enjoy it, hate it?
School is so horrible. Its not about learning anymore. The education system in the US is so broken and no one is working to fix it. If anything they're working to make it worse. Endless tests and unfair grade scales... we legit have teachers that have a limited amount of A's they are allowed to give to students. How messed up is that? I mean come on. All throughout your life you work toward good grades in highschool; not to learn; nope! Its to be pushed off to EVEN. MORE. SCHOOL. The punishment for being tardy is worse than being absent. What. We have bi polar teachers that don't care about any of their students; meanwhile kids are getting stressed out over bad grades and probably extra work and new responsibilities on the side... Not to mention all the bullying going on at school. Kids get trust issues, depression, anxiety, and multiple other disorders with the way other students treat each other, and the teachers aren't doing anything about it. we're not even taught a health class. A way to live. Everyone gets out of highschool not knowing how to rent or buy cars or houses, we don't understand taxes or how jury duty works, I graduated highschool not knowing how to be an adult at all. Sometimes you don't have parents to rely on for that information anyway. Not to mention the school's view on "intelligence" heavily relies on math and science which is horribly unfair and wrong. Someone called me a genius for coming up with a better way to draw something. It never occurred to me that artists are smart people at that point in time, i was baffled. We're always silently told we aren't good enough or the arts are something to not be glorified. Its terrible. 
They tell you lies that college is where you learn what you want to do with your life. Nope. You don't get to learn about everything, you need to pick a class, you don't get to test taste anything at all. College is where you find out what you DON'T want to do with your life. You have to work for years just to get past the basic classes and once you reach the class you wanted to take all this time, you might realize you're not even interested in that subject anymore, and the process repeats. There's so many kids coming out of college with degrees but hardly any experience in the field, which, for an art student, is everything needed when it comes to a job. A job that relies on a piece of paper rather than your own abilities and experience is corrupt to me honestly. Just with how expensive everything is, and how there's a lot of incompetent and disorganized teachers out there... college just really isn't worth it to me. For others, it most definitely is worth it. Like doctors or engineers, all that. They, on the other hand, do need the paperwork. Otherwise with the technology, other singular classes taught by(in the business currently) professionals / tutors, and other means these days it really that impossible to be self taught? And to grind your way to the top on your own terms? College is not for everyone yet they make you feel like it needs to be for everyone, which is wrong to me. Very very wrong. There are so many people out there working in low income jobs to pay off the massive debt and loans due to getting their education in the first place. Sometimes I think, depending on the person, college can do more damage than good. I've just heard so many stories, both good and bad. To some, college is the best thing that ever happened to them. To others, college was the worst decision of their life. I frankly don't know who to believe at this point, especially since everyone lives in different areas, goes to different colleges, and has different interests. I'm a mix of all those people, I really don't know what to expect and I refuse to blindly throw my money away with that. Everyone has different opinions and I totally understand but you need to understand everyone's school experiences are highly different.  I've witnessed a lot of crap when it comes to school in my lifetime, especially taking journalism. The stories I've heard and witnessed... education is something good. School is not. Frankly, as an A and B student, I am highly disappointed with the education I was offered. I've even done homeschooling a bit because it got so bad at times. We need to seriously wake up, because these poor kids..... The millennial generation is suffering, and we have little to no aid. 
I look back.... little to no good memories from school. I've made more enemies than friends when it came to school. Even with the teachers. 
You cannot deny that there is a major hole in the education system that requires huge maintenance, yet I see no future hope for getting this hole repaired. These issues will remain unresolved for a long time. Which is very disappointing. Another reason I don't want kids. I refuse to make them grow up like I did with the education these days. 
11) Buy Tem Flakes? :3
12) Danny Phantom or Danny Fenton?
Yeesh this is a hard choose. I like Danny Phantom because of his powers and how he is able to use his powers to control his other kind, but then Danny Fenton is just a small kid just trying to get by in the life. So really, he is the same person, and I like both sides equally. I'm so sad they had to rush DP, that was a good show. I miss it. I really wish there were more sequences with Vlad and Danny. I wish things would have eventually sorted out between them, kinda like it did with that whole future evil ghost Dan special. That was awesome. 
13) If your name was a font, which font would it be?
I actually made my own font from my handwriting, there's a website that lets you do that, so Heather? xD 

~~ Apologies if I rambled too much, I know a lot of this is strictly opinionated and negative, but I haven't been sleeping and I've got a lot on my plate, so hopefully no one will take offense to these things since its really just personal experiences that lead me to my weird decisions. But who knows.

Anyway, whoever wants to state 13 facts about themselves and answer these new 13 questions be my guest: 
1. what is your least favorite chore? 
2. what is your favorite kind of weather? 
3. how would you describe your aesthetic? 
4. if you could improve something (possibly the story or character design) from your fav tv show, what would it be? 
5. where do you want to work in the future? 
6. tell me about the weirdest experience (or the most dramatic experience) you've had in your life 
7. what is your favorite store to go to? 
8. what kinds of reactions come from you when you're happy? (giggling? jumping? ect..?) 
9. whats your favorite season and why? 
10. What was the first thing you ever got into when you were younger? 
11. alright. out with it. what was your 12 year old phase? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) don't lie to me we all know you had one 
12. whats the most difficult subject for you? 
13. what types of games do you like to play? 

  • Mood: Unheard
  • Listening to: Sia - Chandelier cover
  • Reading: ROTG and BLEACH fan fiction
  • Watching: Halo the complete saga
  • Playing: UNDERTALE
  • Eating: salad, tofu, chips, spring rolls
  • Drinking: waterrrrrrrrrrr


Calluna Vulgaris
I post a lot, it may always seem like its seedrian, but I really try to mix it up with Rise of the Guardians, BLEACH, and a few other things!
I might take a while to reply back to people, and I'm slow at updating comics, so bare with me please! ;U;


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Hawkscape Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
All these undertale gifs look sweet
Really well done
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I worked hard on them!! 
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19Yuki97 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
Hey C: I´m half way done with the commission! :D (that means...i already finished one pixelart drawing and i´m now going to start the second one >3<)

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HezuNeutral Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016
sure! what would you like? 
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